Nigel Vernon - Creativity Unlimited

My name is Nigel Vernon, owner of Creativity Unlimited, thank you for your interest in this portfolio, please feel free to view our website for more details or to discuss any requirements you may have.

At Creativity Unlimited, we provide creative graphics and text specific to customer requirements. We specialise in the creation of high quality graphics, illustrations and written content used in client-facing and promotional material where quality, impact, timeliness and accuracy are of paramount importance.

We are highly capable and experienced across a whole range of creative disciplines, from 3D modelling, illustration, graphic design and creative writing, in addition to more formal and technical content generation for proposals and support documentation. Our creative input brings a new dynamic and injection of interest into presentations, websites, proposals, and exhibitions etc, helping your project or initiative to stand out above the rest.

We benefit from a diverse skills base and the invaluable experience gained through work within a range of demanding, highly competitive industry sectors. With our unfaltering attention to detail, accuracy can be assured, whilst we have the flair and vision to ensure your requirement objective is achieved in full.

Please see our work examples for further details of our capabilities and skills descriptions.